A WordPress website is the right decision!
Always up-to-date and cost-efficient

Your budget doesn't allow for any big leaps right now?
You still want to get started with your website as soon as possible?
We will create your website quickly, professionally and according to your ideas with WordPress in no time!

Individual Design

Clear, well-structured navigation and an appealing layout help your potential customers find their way around the website and convey a professional impression.

Mobile responsive

Images automatically adjust to the screen size as well as the font, which remains readable. We make sure that your website has a rapid responsive design.


How could my message get across better and faster in these times of information overload than with images? We help you with the design and the linking to YouTube or Vimeo.


We support you in placing the texts in the best possible way to create a clear structure.

Contact form

With the integrated contact form, you can be reached easily and quickly by your existing and potential customers.

Google Maps

With the precise Google Maps function, directions, maps and even satellite images can be embedded into your website.



Open Source CMS

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) or in other words, a software that allows you to create and manage content in a database using a user-friendly interface.

Plug-in Extensions

Each plugin contains a set of features that can be added to a WordPress website. Plug-ins extend the functionality of the WordPress website.

Responsive Web Design

Scalability for all devices.


WordPress websites are very well suited for search engine optimization.

Always up to date

WordPress is continuously developed.


With WordPress, almost everything is possible.


WordPress is used by 35.1% of all websites, which corresponds to a market share of 61.9% for content management systems.


Joombla is used by 2.7% of all websites, which corresponds to a market share of 4.7% for content management systems.


Shopify is used by 1.8% of all websites, which corresponds to a market share of 3.2% for content management systems.


Wix is used by 1.3% of all websites, which corresponds to a market share of 2.3% for content management systems.

Maintenance and updates

We will gladly maintain your website

After the successful creation of your website, we take care of and support you with updates such as:

  1. Integration of new content – texts, pictures & videos
  2. Creation of new content
  3. Creation & management of social media channels
  4. Load time optimization
  5. Creation and management of backups
  6. Installation of updates and plugins


For your website


This is the Internet address where your website can be reached. Domains are useful memory aids for the user on the Internet. Provided with your company name, they help your customers to find you quickly.


Your new website is hosted on the Internet on the web server of an Internet service provider. This way, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world at any time. For hosting, there are different offers. We will be happy to advise you so that you can find the right web hosting provider.