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We are outlinedd agency

Can we introduce ourselves?

We are Diana and Desi, twin sisters. Since we were young, we have been passionate about designing beautiful things. We started with fashion design and over the years, media design has fascinated us so much that we have chosen it as our profession. We are happy and grateful to be able to work on exciting new projects every day.
Desi von Rothenburg
Graphic and web designer

Hey, my name is Desi von Rothenburg and I hold a masters in media design. I studied at the Mediadesign Hochschule in Berlin. For over 12 years, I have been gathering a lot of experience in the field of media design. I worked and lived in Los Angeles, USA and Sydney, Australia. I worked as a freelancer for Iconmobile in Berlin and Santa Monika, BILD.de in Berlin, David Jones in Sydney, 1-2-3.tv in Munich as well as on numerous other national and international clients and have successfully completed their projects.

Diana Staneva
Graphic and web designer

Hi, I'm Diana Staneva and I hold a masters degree in fashion design. I studied at the FHTW Berlin. From 2000 - 2013, I was intensively involved in fashion and styling. I have lived and worked in London, New York, Los Angeles and Bangkok. Since 2014, I have specialized in photography and media design. The trips around the world that I constantly take are always a great inspiration for my creative work.

About us

We are a team

We firmly believe that we can achieve more together. We are not only a strong team professionally but also from birth (we are identical twins!). The ability to complement each other makes our work easier in many cases and above all more efficient. We also build a good relationship with our clients, communicating transparently and professionally. This is of great importance to us.

What we do

Media design

According to Wikipedia, media design is understood as a subordinate term to media creation. Further areas are media consulting, media operations and media technology. As designers of media communication, media designers must have both artistic and technical skills and be able to manage the design and production processes in both areas.

Our goal is to do great work

Excitement for projects

Every project always brings us a great mix of excitement and challenge, and that's what we love about our work.

Flexible project work hours

We firmly believe that creativity cannot be confined within set project work hours. We will go above and beyond to meet our objectives.


Yes, we are coffee lovers. We think it is important to always be awake and fit at work. How many cups have we drank at work? ...Too many!

Fast support

Our goal is not only to complete a project successfully but to build a long-term relationship with our customers. Fast and reliable support is always part of it during and after the project.

Free from worry

Together with our customers, we always walk together down a successful path, from initial idea to final launch.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfied people are happy people! To be at peace with oneself and one's work is a basic requirement for success.